How many sites are built on WordPress in 2022? Take a look at this AMAZING WordPress statistics!

Every Digital Agency offering Web Design Services use WordPress. In this article we will tell you why.

WordPress has evolved so fast and reached such a complexity that we can’t help but wonder: How many sites are built on WordPress in 2022?

The story of WordPress is the story of a blogging tool that has become a legend in building websites making it the most used CMS by developers in web design services. Blogging has existed since the late 1990s, but only in the early 2000s did it grow. If we were to ask ourselves: “How many sites are built on WordPress in 2022?”, The simple answer would be: “over 30%”. But let’s detail a little and put things in perspective.

WordPress was launched in 2003 as one of the many tools available then for building a blog. The nature and architecture of the application allowed everyone to contribute to its improvement. This determined WordPress to quickly exceed its initial goal, reaching tens of thousands of plugins and specialized WordPress hosting providers.

Although bloggers are still the core audience of WordPress, its huge capabilities make major brands such as Sony, Walt Disney, MTV, BBC and New Yorker to rely on their services.

WordPress statistics for 2022 are impressive:

  • 62% of the top 100 fastest growing companies in the US use WordPress
  • Over 500 new sites are created daily using the free version of
  • 70 million new blog posts are created every month

As unusual as it may seem, WordPress owes its entire success to its active and loyal community, not just one visionary CEO. In fact, doesn’t even have a CEO – the project is run entirely by volunteers from around the world.



Currently, there are over 455 million sites that use WordPress. And, with over 2 million downloads each year, the use of WordPress continues to grow steadily. With such rapid growth, we should expect global use to reach a much higher figure in the coming years.

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Before determining exactly what part of all websites around the world work with WordPress, let’s first see who wins the popularity contest among web design solutions.


WordPress is a content management system (or CMS for short). CMS platforms include a wide range of software tools that have one thing in common – they aim to make site building easy and accessible to everyone and this makes it a popular platform for web design services. In this sense, WordPress has several notable competitors – Joomla, Drupal, Magento and Shopify.

WordPress manages to take the lion’s share of the market. 33.5% of websites do not use any of the monitored content management systems. WordPress is used by 43.2% of all websites and it has a market share of content management systems of 64.9%.

WordPress has detached itself from competitors by being a versatile web builder, while competing solutions prefer to focus on a single goal. The open-source nature and architecture of the plugin allow developers to take a simple installation and turn it into an online store, a photo gallery, a news website, or anything else you can imagine, allowing them to provide quality and reliable web design services.

WordPress Statistics – as an e-commerce platform

WooCommerce – The most popular plugin for Web Design Services developing online shops.

Although WordPress started as a blogging platform, it has become an important player in the e-commerce space. WooCommerce – a free plugin for WordPress – is the largest e-commerce platform in the world, which is owned by the company behind WordPress, Automattic. Digital Agencies providing web design services use WooCommerce to deploy beautiful online stores, integrated with payment gateways for increase revenues. Before WordPress and WoCommerce, developing an online store from zero was time consuming and involved many developers making the cost of an online store to expensive for many business. Today, everyone can have a simple online store in less then a month, for a fraction of what it used to cost.

WooCommerce is currently used by 20.4% of all websites that use WordPress. Which means over 5 million websites, breaking popularity records with over 80 million downloads, according to internal WordPress statistics. The plugin has become so popular that its name has built a reputation of its own.

Woocomerce - Online shop design

The WooCommerce e-commerce plugin reached the top of the online store builders with a market share of 23.43% in 2021. Something that was developed as an extension quickly managed to take the glory of complete solutions that took time, more than enough to build a loyal group.

WordPress statistics look impressive:

  • 409 million people view 21.2 billion WordPress pages a month
  • 337,200 of the top 1 million websites are based on WordPress
  • 661 new WordPress sites are launched every day

The Google Trends report reveals that over 2.9 million searches occur for the term “WordPress” each month. In fact, WordPress is so famous that it attracts similar volumes of traffic to top sites like Amazon and Twitter.

These remarkable statistics bring us closer to the big question: How many sites are built on WordPress in 2022? Before that, let’s look at the full scope of the platform’s capabilities.

Reasons for the popularity of WordPress for Web Design Services

A key reason why developers and visitors find WordPress so attractive is the immense versatility of the CMS. Far beyond the strictly blogging past, WordPress hosts some of the most prominent online stores, business pages, government agencies and news publications. Even the White House uses WordPress.

WordPress plugins for Web Design Services

The amazing WordPress architecture is the main reason behind its versatility. Over 50,000 plugins are available for adding additional functionality and anyone from bloggers to famous WordPress sites takes advantage.

The plugins have already accumulated over 1.6 billion downloads – a concrete proof of their popularity. The most popular 19 plugins have collected over 1 million downloads each, and 5 of them are just over the threshold of 50 million.

What are the top 5 most popular plugins?

WooCommerce – 80+ million downloads
All in One SEO Pack – 63+ million downloads
Akismet – 149+ million downloads
Google XML Sitemaps – 211+ million downloads
Contact Forms 7 – 126+ million downloads

Now you know why every Digital Agency offering website design services use WordPress to develop and deploy amazing websites, in no time for their clients. Having such a large community behind, developers can find solutions and fixes for different issues and reduce the time needed for developing.

We design websites for small or large businesses, and online stores using WordPress and WooCommerce. The versatility of WordPress allows us to deliver awesome websites in the shortest time frame.

But not everything can be achieved with WordPress or other popular CMS. Yes, we use WordPress and WooCommerce for presentation websites and ecommerce but we also provide custom solutions, coded from zero by our senior developers, for more specific businesses needs. Over the years we designed and deployed multiple custom software for specific types of business, like CRMs, Management Software, Online Booking Software, Complex Large Music Catalogs Management Software with custom matching algorithms between multiple databases and custom reports used by Music Licensing Companies and many other custom software apps. We provide quality web design services, web development services for custom software and Graphic Design.

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